Dead Nation - Box ArtDeveloper(s): Housemarque
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Release date(s): November 30, 2010
Genre(s): Shoot ‘em up
Mode(s): Single-player, Multiplayer

Players are awarded score multipliers and money when zombies are killed. Money is used to purchase and upgrade weapons and multipliers grant better scores. Each time players are hit, they lose multipliers and health. Players fight their way through ten levels, using weapon shops that allow weapon upgrading and armor swapping. During the levels, players can find chests that hold ammunition, multipliers, money, or armor pieces. At times the players are trapped in areas where they must survive until they have accomplished a certain goal. Armor sets influence strength, endurance and agility.

Zombies are attracted by flares, car alarms and vending machines. Zombies can be killed by environmental hazards which the player can use to their advantage. Players will encounter a variety of zombies. Players can use a melee and rush attack against zombies, as well as a variety of weaponry.

The metagame allows players to follow their country’s progress in relation to other countries, as well as local leaderboards. Using the PlayStation Network, players are grouped with other players from their country. When a country is rid of zombies, a new infection cycle begins. Multiplayer can be done locally or online for two players.

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