God of War III - Box ArtDeveloper(s): Santa Monica Studio
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Release date(s): March 16, 2010
Genre(s): Hack and slash, action-adventure
Mode(s): Single-player

In the opening sequence, Kratos stands on the back of the Titan Gaia, as she and the other Titans climb Mount Olympus to assault the Gods of Olympus.

The Olympian gods launch a counter-assault, and Poseidon is killed by the combined efforts of Kratos and Gaia his death causing the oceans to flood. Kratos and Gaia attempt to attack Zeus, but are driven back and plunge from Mount Olympus. Gaia clings to the side of the mountain and refuses to save Kratos, stating he was nothing more than a pawn.

Kratos falls into the underworld, losing the Blade of Olympus. Kratos lands in the River Styx, and the souls of the underworld weaken Kratos and ruin the Blades of Athena. After exiting the river, Kratos is confronted by the spirit of Athena, who provides him with the Blades of Exile and states that to destroy Zeus he must quell the Flame of Olympus. After several battles, Kratos locates the Three Judges of the Underworld and the Chain of Balance that maintains the equilibrium between the Underworld, Earth, and Olympus. After a conversation with the spirit of Pandora, Kratos recovers the Blade of Olympus.

Kratos encounters the Olympian blacksmith Hephaestus, and later kills Hades. Hades’ death releases the souls of the underworld and exacerbates the chaos caused by Kratos’ assault on Olympus. After exiting the underworld, Kratos travels to Olympia, where he encounters a wounded Gaia. Kratos ignores Gaia’s request for aid and severs her arm, causing her to fall from Mount Olympus to her apparent death.

As Kratos continues his ascent, he overcomes various foes, including the Titan Perseus and the god Helios – the latter’s death blotting out the sun and causing worldwide darkness and storms. Learning that Pandora’s Box is once again the key to the success of his quest, Kratos then kills an overconfident Hermes, his death releasing a plague on the world. Kratos also encounters his half-brother Hercules, who is encouraged by a watching Hera to murder the “bastard”. Kratos, however, kills Hercules and travels to various locations to find the key to opening Pandora’s Box, finally discovering that Pandora, herself, is the key and that only she can quell the “Flame of Olympus”, a lethal fire that surrounds the Box. After Kratos is forced to kill Cronos and then Hephaestus, the Spartan travels through Hera’s Gardens, where he kills the taunting goddess (her death causing the end of all plant life). Kratos then returns to the Labyrinth to find Pandora.

The aerial Labyrinth: the prison of Pandora and Daedalus.After fighting his way through the Labyrinth and rescuing Pandora, Kratos is instructed by Athena to break the Chain of Balance so that the Labyrinth can be raised and Pandora can reach Pandora’s Box. After neutralizing the Three Judges and breaking the Chain, Kratos raises the Labyrinth and Pandora attempts to enter the Flame of Olympus. Zeus intervenes, but, after a brief battle, Pandora successfully sacrifices herself (despite Kratos’ protests) and quenches the Flame. Kratos discovers Pandora’s Box is empty, and battles Zeus once again.

Gaia suddenly returns and attempts to kill the pair, but both escape via a gaping wound in her neck. Kratos eventually kills Gaia by impaling Zeus against her heart with the Blade of Olympus, an act that apparently also kills Zeus. Kratos recovers the Blade and begins to depart, but is then attacked by Zeus’ spirit. Losing consciousness, he is saved by Pandora during a mental journey into his own psyche. Forgiving himself for his past sins, Kratos regains consciousness and viciously beats Zeus to death.

Athena reappears, demanding Kratos return what he apparently took from Pandora’s Box. Kratos states the box was empty, which Athena refuses to believe. Athena explains that when Zeus sealed the evils of the world (greed, fear and hate) within the box, she foresaw that it would eventually be opened, and so she placed her own power — hope — within the box. Athena then realizes that when Kratos first opened the box to defeat Ares, the evils escaped and infected the Olympian Gods, while Kratos was endowed with hope. Athena demands Kratos return her power, stating she knows how to use it to rebuild the world. Kratos refuses and impaled himself with the Blade of Olympus, releasing hope’s power for all mankind. An angered Athena pulls the sword from Kratos and states that he has disappointed her. Kratos, nearing death, collapses as she departs.

In a post-credits scene, a trail of blood is shown, leading away from an abandoned Blade of Olympus, leaving Kratos’ final fate unknown.

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