inFamous 2 - Box ArtDeveloper(s): Sucker Punch Productions
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Release date(s): June 7, 2011
Genre(s): Action/Adventure, Sandbox Open world
Mode(s): Single-player

Infamous 2 is set in a city called New Marais (a New Orleans-inspired city), in which Cole MacGrath must face his biggest challenge yet.

The Beast has destroyed Empire City, you barely escaped alive. Cole, along with his friend Zeke, must flee to New Marais to prepare for his inevitable confrontation with the Beast; New Marais is where it all started, this is the location where the Ray Sphere was first created. New Marais is filled with dangers he must face, from the Militia (a shadowy organization led by a man named Bertrand), and the Corrupted (horribly mutated beings affected by the Ray Sphere). The Militia has taken over New Marais in an attempt to keep all superpowered or abnormal entities away. Cole must take down the Corrupted and Militia, explore New Marais, and learn about himself, Kessler, and The First Sons. Along the way, he must prepare to face and defeat, The Beast.

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