The Last Guy - Box ArtDeveloper(s): Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Publisher(s): Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Release date(s): August 28, 2008
Genre(s): Maze
Mode(s): Single-player

The game is played from a top-down perspective of a city that has been overrun by giant monsters, which the game refers to as “zombies”. The player controls The Last Guy, whose job is to find and lead stranded civilians to the escape zone before the time runs out, while evading enemy creatures. He can dash, manipulate the line of people following him, and use thermal imaging to find survivors. Over a dozen playable locations include cities from North America, Europe and Asia. Online features include a leaderboard for each city, a leaderboard for overall score, and counters that record the number of people rescued. Each city also hosts four VIPs which, when rescued, add bonus points to the final score and unlock additional bonus stages.


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