Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - Box ArtDeveloper(s): Naughty Dog
Publisher(s): SCE
Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Release date(s): November 16, 2007
Genre(s): Action-adventure, Platformer, Third-person shooter
Mode(s): Single-player

The game opens with Nathan “Nate” Drake (voiced by Nolan North) recovering the coffin of Elizabethan explorer Sir Francis Drake from the ocean floor. Nate claims to be a descendant of Sir Francis, and has inherited a ring with the coordinates of the expedition inscribed on it. The expedition is funded by journalist Elena Fisher (Emily Rose), who is there to record the events for a documentary. When they open the coffin, however, they find out that it is empty except for a diary written by Sir Francis, showing that Sir Francis faked his death as Nate has always suspected. A band of pirates who have been tracking Nate then suddenly appear and destroy their boat, but the pair are rescued by Nate’s partner Victor “Sully” Sullivan (Richard McGonagle).

After returning to shore, Nate and Sully study the diary and uncover information that points to the location of El Dorado, the fabled city of gold, in the Amazon. Fearing that Elena’s publishing the documentary would attract rivals, Sully and Nate decide to ditch Elena in the dock and travel to the Amazon on their own. They find the ruins of an ancient South American civilization, and clues that El Dorado is in fact a large gold statue instead of a golden city, and that it has been removed by the Spaniards long ago. Searching further, Nate and Sully discover a long-abandoned German U-boat stuck in the Amazon river containing its dead crew, who appear to have been mauled to death, Spanish gold coins with an unknown mint stamp, and a missing page from Sir Francis Drake’s diary that points to a southern tropic island where the Spaniards have likely taken the statue.

Before they can leave the Amazon, Nate and Sully are accosted by Gabriel Roman (Simon Templeman), a competitive treasure hunter who has hired the services of mercenaries led by Atoq Navarro (Robin Atkin Downes), Roman’s lieutenant and an archaeologist with knowledge of the statue. The two learnt about Nate’s quest to find El Dorado when Sully, who owes Roman money, divulged to them earlier that he was onto something. Nate refuses to help Roman, who then shoots Sully in the chest. As Nate struggles with Navarro, the U-boat explodes from a torpedo Nate accidentally armed earlier, and Elena arrives and rescues Nate. The two then fly off in Sully’s plane to the Pacific Island shown on the missing page of Sir Francis’ diary.

As their plane approaches the island of UK 2642 it is shot down and the two become separated. Nate works his way to a fort where he spots Elena’s parachute, but he is unable to find her. He continues into the fort, where he finds a message from Sir Francis stating that he had gone to the fort’s tower. Upon arriving there, he is captured by the pirates from the beginning of the game, who are revealed to be led by Eddy Raja (James Sie), an old rival of his. Eddy demands that Nate assist him in finding the treasure, but Nate manages to escape with the help of Elena. The two work their way through a long-abandoned port city and discover, through a log book in its custom-house, that the statue was moved further inland. Elena then spots the supposedly dead Sully working with Roman and Navarro, heading north, and the pair decides to follow him to the monastery. There, they locate hidden passages and rescue Sully, who survived Roman’s shot earlier thanks to Drake’s diary blocking the bullet, and decided to play along with his captors.

Nate and Elena find a series of maze-like passages below the monastery. In these tunnels, Nate overhears an argument between Roman, Navarro, and Eddy, who has also been hired by Roman to aid in the capture of Nate and in the security of the island. Roman doubts Eddy’s abilities to do his job further and ignores his superstitious claim that something cursed on the island is killing his men. Roman dismisses Eddy and his crew, angering Eddy, who draws his gun but is stopped by Navarro. Eddy storms off, cursing.

Traveling through more of the underground tunnels, Nate and Elena find a passage leading to an empty treasure vault in which they find Sir Francis Drake’s body, who appears to have died on the island in a vain effort searching for the treasure. Seeing the seemingly fruitless quest of Sir Francis, a saddened Nate leaves his ring behind on Drake’s body. Before they move on, they encounter Eddy running for his life, chased by mutated humans possessing incredible speed and strength. Nate and Eddy work together briefly to fight off the creatures, but Eddy is later dragged into a hole by one of the monsters and killed. Nate and Elena escape to an abandoned German submarine base, but in order to move on Nate has to venture out to the generator room to restore the power.

During his exploration, he discovers that the Germans had sought the statue during World War II but they, like the Spaniards before them, learned that the statue was cursed and became mutated; Nate realizes the creatures attacking them are the mutated Germans and Spaniards. Sir Francis, having discovered the statue’s true power, was actually trying to keep it on the island, and that he managed to destroy any way for the statue to be transported off the island before he too was killed by the mutants.

Nate attempts to return to Elena, but finds she has been taken hostage by Roman and Navarro. As Nate follows them, he reunites with Sully outside the monastery. Fighting through Roman’s forces, Nate and Sully are captured at gunpoint and taken to Roman, who has located the statue. Navarro urges Roman to open the statue, but as soon as he does Roman inhales the dust from the rotting mummy within and begins to mutate. The transformed Roman charges at Navarro but is shot and killed. Planning all along to steal the statue and sell the mutagen as a weapon to the highest bidder, Navarro has the statue lifted out by a helicopter and takes a captive Elena as well while his mercenaries are attacked by the mutants. Nate manages to jump onto the net the statue is in just before the helicopter has left. As Elena struggles vigorously inside the helicopter, the pilot is inadvertently killed, sending the helicopter and Nate to crash-land onto Roman’s freighter.

A final showdown breaks out between Nate and Navarro and his mercenaries, with Nate prevailing over Navarro in a fist fight, knocking him unconscious. As Nate goes to the crashed helicopter and tends to the injured Elena lying inside, Navarro regains consciousness and prepares to kill them both with his shotgun. Elena warns Nate, who pushes the helicopter off the tanker. Navarro’s foot gets tangled up with the rope that ties the statue to the helicopter, and the falling helicopter drags both Navarro and the statue into the ocean.

Elena returns the ring that Nate left behind earlier and the two lean in to kiss, but they are interrupted by Sully, who has escaped the island on a small speedboat, taking several boxes of treasure from a few dead pirates with him. Elena reminds Nate that because she has lost her camera, he still owes her a story. As the boat sails towards the horizon, Nate assures her “I’m good for it.”


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