Final Fantasy XIII - Box ArtDeveloper(s): Square Enix
Publisher(s): Square Enix
Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release date(s): March 9, 2010
Genre(s): Role-playing game
Mode(s): Single-player

Final Fantasy XIII begins in Cocoon as a group of people are being evicted, or Purged, from Cocoon after coming in contact with something from Pulse. Over the course of the game, the player is shown flashbacks of the events of the previous 13 days, which began when a fal’Cie from Pulse was discovered in Cocoon. Lightning and Sazh derail a train bound for Pulse to save Serah, a l’Cie, from the fal’Cie Anima. In the subsequent battle, Snow leads his resistance group, NORA, to rescue the Purge exiles. Several of them, including Hope’s mother, are killed. As Snow heads to Anima to save Serah, he is joined by two of the exiles: Hope and Vanille. The two groups meet at the fal’Cie, and find Serah just as she turns to crystal. Anima then brands them all as l’Cie and they are cast out into a different part of Cocoon. During this transformation, the newly crested l’Cie all have the same vision: a monster called Ragnarok. The group, arguing over the ambiguous nature of the dreamed Focus, find Serah in her crystallized form; Snow remains with her as the others leave.

Snow meets Cid and Fang after being captured and detained aboard the airship Lindblum. Meanwhile, the others escape from PSICOM, but are separated during an air strike; Hope and Lightning travel to Palumpolum, while Sazh and Vanille travel to Nautilus. In Lightning’s scenario, she unintentionally supports Hope’s goal of assassinating Snow as revenge for his mother’s death. In Vanille’s scenario, Sazh discusses how his son Dajh was turned into a l’Cie and was taken by PSICOM to discover his Focus. At Palumpolum, Lightning tries to persuade Hope not to go through with his revenge and meets Snow and Fang. Fang reveals that she and Vanille were l’Cie from Pulse who were turned into crystals; they were turned back into humans 13 days prior to the start of the game, sparking the Purge. Hope attempts to assassinate Snow, but after Snow saves him from an airstrike, he decides not to go through with it. The company then escapes the city with Cid’s aid. At Nautilus, Vanille reveals herself to Sazh as a l’Cie from Pulse, and thus the reason that Dajh was turned into a l’Cie. PSICOM then captures Sazh and Vanille and detains them on board the airship Palamecia.

The other members of the party stage a rescue mission and reunite with Vanille and Sazh before they confront Galenth Dysley, the Sanctum’s Primarch, who reveals himself as the Cocoon fal’Cie ruler Barthandelus. He tells them that their Focus is to transform into the beast Ragnarok and slay the sleeping fal’Cie Orphan, who keeps Cocoon afloat above Pulse. Slaying the fal’Cie Orphan will result in the destruction of Cocoon. The party escapes and learns from Cid that the fal’Cie believe that Cocoon’s destruction will summon the Maker, the creator of the worlds. The fal’Cie cannot harm Orphan themselves. Vanille and Fang reveal to the party that they were the ones responsible for the War of Transgression centuries prior, and that their Focus then had been the same: to transform into Ragnarok and attempt to destroy Orphan. The party flies away to Pulse and travels to Oerba, Vanille and Fang’s hometown, where they hope to learn how to remove their l’Cie marks. Unsuccessful, the group confronts Dysley again. He tells them that he is forcing Cid, now the head of the Sanctum, to create chaos in Cocoon to force the Calvary to attack Cid and Orphan in a coup d’état.

The party infiltrates Cocoon with the goal of preventing its destruction. They head towards Orphan only to find that the Calvary have been turned into Cie’th. The party encounters Dysley and overpowers him, but Orphan awakens and merges with Dysley, then compels Fang to finish her Focus as Ragnarok while the others are seemingly transformed into Cie’th. The group reappears in human form, preventing Fang from transforming. The party engage and defeat Orphan and escape Cocoon, which is now falling towards Pulse. As the rest of the party turns to crystal for completing their Focus, Vanille and Fang remain on Cocoon and transform into Ragnarok together. They prevent a collision between Cocoon and Pulse by turning themselves into a crystal pillar between the two worlds. The rest of the party awakens from their crystallization on Pulse and find their l’Cie brands gone, the result of a technicality, where they neither completed nor failed their focus by Coccoon neither being destroyed or saved. The game ends with Lightning and Snow reuniting with Serah and Sazh reuniting with Dajh. Vanille and Fang oversee a new beginning for Cocoon’s people.

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