Batman: Arkham Asylum - Box ArtDeveloper(s): Rocksteady Studios
Publisher(s): Eidos Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment/DC Entertainment
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release date(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 – August 25, 2009
Genre(s): Action-adventure, beat ‘em up, stealth
Mode(s): Single-player

The Joker attacks Gotham City’s Mayor’s office but is foiled by Batman, who escorts him to Arkham Asylum. Due to a recent fire at Gotham City’s Blackgate Prison, many members of the Joker’s gang have been temporarily relocated to Arkham. As Batman accompanies the guards taking the Joker inside, the asylum’s security is overridden by Harley Quinn, allowing the Joker to escape and take control of the facility. Batman quickly realizes that these events have been part of the Joker’s plan and that the Joker had bribed a security guard to help him escape. The Joker threatens to detonate bombs scattered around Gotham City should anyone attempt to enter Arkham, forcing Batman to work alone; however, Batman is able to rely on Commissioner Gordon and other loyal guards after Batman is able to free them. Additionally, Oracle is able to guide him through the asylum over the radio. Batman is able to gain access to an adjunct of the Batcave on the island.

Batman eventually learns that the Joker is seeking a chemical called Titan that is being produced at the asylum. The compound is based on the Venom drug that gives Bane his super strength, though the Titan formula is much more potent. The Joker plans to use the Titan formula on the various Blackgate inmates to create an unstoppable army, as well as on Poison Ivy’s plants, which mutate and take over the island. He also plans to dump the Titan-production waste product into Gotham’s water supply.

Batman, after defeating several enemies, is able to return to the Batcave to create an antidote to Titan, but only has enough time to synthesize one dose before Poison Ivy’s Titan-infused plants destroy the Batcave’s computer. After destroying the mutated plant life and defeating Ivy, the Joker invites Batman to his “party”, where Batman sees the Joker holding Scarface, sitting on a throne of mannequins. The Joker then reveals that he has recaptured Gordon and attempts to shoot Gordon with a Titan-filled dart. Batman jumps in front of it, taking the injection himself. Batman attempts to resist the change, after which an upset Joker shoots himself with the Titan gun, becoming a massive monster. In his new form, the Joker proudly displays himself to news helicopters. He tries to persuade Batman to stop resisting the Titan formula and change into a monster, saying it is the only way to defeat him. Batman refuses, and uses the antidote on himself. The Joker, amazed at his decision, attacks Batman directly. Batman defeats him by covering his glove in explosive gel and punching Joker fiercely in the jaw. The Joker reverts back to his original state and is taken back to his cell, and armed Gotham police officers slowly regain control of the asylum.

Batman then hears over a police radio that Two-Face is robbing the Second National Bank of Gotham, so he summons the Batwing and flies back to Gotham. Following the credits a metal box stamped with the word Titan is seen floating in the water of the Gotham Harbor, and a villain’s hand rises from the water and grabs the box.


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