Battlefield 3 – Multiplayer Mode Details

Battlefield 3 - Paris 05 (Wallpaper 3840 x 2300)

I am so exited, and would you like know why? Because only a month is left, before we can all get our hands on, the most anticipated game of the year, Battlefield 3.

Last night, Battlefield posted on their Blog, new detailed information on what multiplayer modes we can expect to see, when Battlefield 3 is released later this year.

Here is all the information you need to know:

In Battlefield 3, all maps adapt to the five multiplayer game modes available at launch. Read on for the full breakdown of every multiplayer mode in the game, plus details on how you can tweak each match to suit your personal tastes even further.

Long standing classic Battlefield game modes Conquest and Rush are back in Battlefield 3, together with interesting new additions to make this our broadest and deepest Battlefield yet. From the close quarters infantry combat Continue reading

Molotov – Here We Kum (Video)

Café Tacvba – Eo (Video)

Dead Island – A Paradise Filled With Horrors, Bugs, And A Hell Of A Good Time

Dead Island - Xian (Wallpaper 1280 x 1024)

The drought is officially over!! Dead Island has arrived, and it is a paradise filled with horrors, bugs and a hell of a good time. There is a lot of good to come from this title. The gameplay is very addicting, and it provides long hours of fun. The best part about Dead Island, is without a doubt, the melee combat. The satisfaction doesn’t just arise from butchering zombies, but from a survival standpoint of a zombie attack. The concept of being trapped on an island as a turist, not as an ex mercenary or even a police officer, makes the game believable. It justifies realism, if you were on a vaction, on a paradise like this, you wouldn’t have access to a firearm. The key point in which makes Dead Island so real, is the fact that, if you were to see a zombie, you don’t want to attract its attention, unless there is no other choice, cause you know it could end up, being the end for you.

To describe how the game is, and how it works, the one game that comes to mind is Borderlands. Borderlands would be the only other game that is a FPS RPG, that has a looting system that scales as you progress, it also color codes weapons, and it has 4 player (main quest) coop gameplay. The weapon rarity color scheme, is one that is identical to Borderlands. If you find a weapon, lets say a paddle and the name is highlighted white, then it’s considered to be very common weapon.  Continue reading

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – Multiplayer Beta Gameplay (PS3)

AC Revelations - MP Characters

Oh Assassin’s Creed, how sweet it is to play a multiplayer like you. AC: Brotherhood was the first in it’s series, to have introduced a multiplayer mode, in the Assassin’s Creed universe. It wasn’t perfect, but, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, takes what Brotherhood started, and polishes it to a brand new level of gameplay. The multiplayer finally feels balanced. Modes like Wanted and Manhunt return, but, they did manage to add 2 fun new game modes called Easy Deathmatch, and Artifact Assault. Easy Deathmatch is sorta like Wanted, in which its a Free for All, but we get no radar, and no abilities. Artifact Assault is a capture the flag mode.

I really like all the noticeable improvements brought forward to the Assassin’s Creed: Revelations multiplayer. It is definitely a step in the right direction. The game won’t be out till November, but at this rate, we can expect to get a very polished multiplayer experience.