Dead Island - Xian (Wallpaper 1280 x 1024)

The drought is officially over!! Dead Island has arrived, and it is a paradise filled with horrors, bugs and a hell of a good time. There is a lot of good to come from this title. The gameplay is very addicting, and it provides long hours of fun. The best part about Dead Island, is without a doubt, the melee combat. The satisfaction doesn’t just arise from butchering zombies, but from a survival standpoint of a zombie attack. The concept of being trapped on an island as a turist, not as an ex mercenary or even a police officer, makes the game believable. It justifies realism, if you were on a vaction, on a paradise like this, you wouldn’t have access to a firearm. The key point in which makes Dead Island so real, is the fact that, if you were to see a zombie, you don’t want to attract its attention, unless there is no other choice, cause you know it could end up, being the end for you.

To describe how the game is, and how it works, the one game that comes to mind is Borderlands. Borderlands would be the only other game that is a FPS RPG, that has a looting system that scales as you progress, it also color codes weapons, and it has 4 player (main quest) coop gameplay. The weapon rarity color scheme, is one that is identical to Borderlands. If you find a weapon, lets say a paddle and the name is highlighted white, then it’s considered to be very common weapon. Now, if you find a weapon that its name is highlighted blue, that means it is an uncommon weapon. If you find a purple one, it’s a rare piece, and if you find an orange one, you got yourself a legendary weapon. Weapons aren’t hard to come by, but, at some locations you wont find any at all. It does make you feel helpless and scared at times, transferring an emotion that would be true to life.

Unfortunatly, Dead Island isn’t a perfect game. It has lots of great game qualities, that keep it from sucking, but, there are some bugs that really drive me up the wall. The one bug that needs to be fixed right away, has to be the multiplayer bug. The game is based on playing cooperatively, but, there is something  that is keeping me from joining other players, and vice versa. Some of my friends can join my game without a problem, and others simply can’t. The game lobby is always either grayed out, or if I access it, all the players are grayed out, meaning that I can’t join them. If they do happen to be green, I try to connect, but, it eventually tells me that I couldn’t connect to player. This issue needs to get fixed right away. There are some graphical issues, and quest related bugs in the game, but, it doesn’t bother as much as it might bother other people. Some bugs are annoying, like turning off your game and then to come back and see that you are 2 levels behind from when you last played, can make you twitch.

Over all, Dead Island is a great new IP. It has very strong gameplay, that will keep you entertained, for hours on end. It is also a great looking game, but, I really think they should of pushed Dead Island back a few months to fix these issues, and to really polish what loose ends the game has. Don’t get me wrong, these issues aren’t as bad as other bugs that have been presented with other titles at launch like Fallout: New Vegas. It certainly doesn’t keep me from playing the game. If you want to start off your fall season, with a great zombie game, then Dead Island is the way to go.


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