Portal is one of the best original games ever created. It also has a deep and rich story. The story can be quite complex, but in a nutshell, you are trapped inside a huge facility called Aperture Science. They are the future of technology, but, in order to move forward, they do experiments on humans in the name of science. You take on the role as Chell. A girl who wakes up out of suspended animation, to find out she must go through a series of test with a new and revolutionary portal gun.

This short film directed by Dan Trachtenberg, is called Portal: No Escape. I am completely amazed at how well this short has been directed. I can only hope, this idea could someday come, as a full length film.

“Portal: No Escape”  (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)
A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there…

+This is a short set in the world of the Portal video games created by Valve Software.

Also check out: ESCAPE FROM CITY 17 (Video)


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