After months of deliberation with myself, and while I wait for Battlefield 3 to finally get released this October 25th, I finally downloaded the Battlefield: Vietnam Expansion for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Why didn’t I download this sooner? I am telling you, this expansion is superb. At first, I didn’t think that BF: Vietnam would be worth $15.00 dollar price tag, but, after playing it and comparing it to other DLC offered at the same price, this DLC was totally worth it. I wish all Add-On content felt this way. It’s so well made, you forget your playing an expansion. You truly think, you just bought a brand new game.

Battlefield: Vietnam

The expansion provides 6 new maps. These maps are exceptionally well designed. Each location feels massive and unique. On BF: Vietnam, the modes feel more intimate and intense. Classes have been modified to have an early 60’s feel. The action feels alive. You don’t have any sophisticated scopes or guns, and thus this change, forces you rely on team tactics and stealth to outsmart your enemies.

I’d like to point out a little detail that really goes along way on BF: Vietnam, and that little detail is the music. You might be thinking, The Music? What is so good about the music? Yeah the music is freaking awesome. The que times are freaking great. As you run towards a vehicle like a helicopter, tank or boat, music starts to play. Laying fire from the side of the chopper, made me feel as if I was in the movie Rambo.

The game felt so good that earlier today on BF: Vietnam, I played a map called Hill 137 (my favorite new map). I was laying support fire at a trench with my squamates on Rush, an enemy managed to flank us. The bastard, BBQ us with a flamethrower. I didn’t even know that we had flamethrowers available now. Let me tell you, being up against a flamethrower in close quarters combat feels horrific, but, it also makes you feel alive. This is one great addition to combat.

I am truly surprised to play such a well made expansion. I really like what DICE did with BF: Vietnam. If I would have known a few months ago, that this expansion was this good, I would’ve gotten it a long time ago.

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