We are almost, halfway through August, and this gaming drought is almost to an end. I am so looking forward to September, when we can finally start getting our hands on the first wave of games like, Dead Island, Resistance 3 and the long-awaited, Ico and The Shadow of the Colossus Collection

This week has been uneventful in terms of gaming, but, my girlfriend did manage to get a pretty sweet deal, on a DVR from Time Warner Cable. I am pretty new to the DVR revolution. I spend alot of my time gaming, or on the internet, but, since the only exiting game I’ve played this whole week has been Sim City 4, this new DVR, couldn’t have come at a better time.

I’ve been with TWC for around 4 years now, we have always had a basic plan for cable and phone service, but, since we are a gaming family, we had no need of other services, other than having good internet, since that is what we spent most of our times doing. Recently, my girlfriend called TWC, she found out that it would be cheaper to have DVR, than just basic service (which it doesn’t make sence to me, but, whatever), so, a few days ago on Monday, they brought over the DVR, and, I must admit that, having a DVR is pretty damn sweet. I think for me, the best part about this tech, is the freedom to watch programs when ever you want. Free on demand channels is cool because, TV is not packed with great shows one after another, and having an option to see a program that aired, lets say 2 hours ago and to watch it now that there isn’t anything to watch is great. The best part, I mean, I got totally exited, when I found out that I can finally get G4 TV. That channel was meant for me, I absolutely haven’t been able to change the channel in 4 days. American Ninja Warrior, is like the best show on TV. I’ve been on a ANW marathon, just to catch up to latest episode, which airs this Sunday. I used to have to watch, Attack of the Show and XPlay, in little 5 min clips, and so I don’t have to do that anymore. YEY!

So, until I can get my hands on Dead Island this September 6, ill be spending my time watching my new DVR.


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