With this gaming drought in full effect till early September, I’ve been spending time playing old PlayStation 3 games. I have come to the conclusion, that around 80% of PlayStation 3 games from 2006-2008, had this one feature that simply drove, and still drive me insane. If you have played old PS3 games, you know what I am referring to, and that feature is, Sixaxis sequencing. Thank god, developers have moved away from this pointless feature, as it has brought more annoyance than fun, to video games.

As a gamer, I really embrace the development of the PlayStation Move. Companies can now focus on designing ideas that may be  optional all together, but,  actually work as intended, as to having some type of feature implemented in a game, just for the sake of being different. I believe that having a well designed controller such as the PlayStation Move, on the market now a days, which is designed specifically for motion gesturing, really sets apart the implementation of lousy sixaxis sequences or features.

Button sequence me all day long if you must, but, keep me away from those annoying features, in order for me to open a chest, or even dodge an attack. Don’t ever, EVER!, bring back this feature.


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