I play lots of games. Having a really good superhero game is what gaming should be all about. I love Marvel and I love DC Universe, and when they create a video game that is properly developed, I am a happy child. So…having played lots of these “superhero” games over the years, I have narrowed it down to my favorite 5 superhero games.

Image 5. Captain America: Super Soldier

This game isn’t bad at all, the reason why I think this game is pretty good for me, is because the game runs a lot like Arkham Asylum. If you are a superhero like Captain America, hand to hand combat is a crucial gameplay element in which, it must be perfect, or else, the game falls apart. I personally think SEGA did a pretty good job, they managed to capture the essence on what Captain America is all about. The story is based around the World War II era, at the time where Americas biggest threat was the Red Skull. The only complaint I really have towards Captain America: Super Soldier, is the graphics engine that runs the game, I think if the game ran on Arkham Asylums engine, this game could have been a huge success.

Image 4. DC Universe Online

This game is great because, it’s a solid superhero MMO. It just launched in January of this year, and it does have plenty of potential for improvements and loads of content. DC Universe Online has lots of really cool characters and storylines, in which can be told and expanded on, having an MMO format. I’ve been playing since day one, and as long as the content keeps on coming, ill keep on playing.

Image 3.  inFamous 2

Even though inFamous 2 isn’t a DC Universe or a Marvel game, does not mean that it isn’t a superhero game. This is one game that is rich in story and gameplay. I love having electrical powers and on inFamous 2, it is very well done.

Image 2. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

This game is from 2006, one of the original launch games for the PS3 and it extremely well-built. There is a sequel to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance which would be Ultimate Alliance 2, but, the reason why I picked the first one, is because the content and RPG elements are much stronger on Ultimate Alliance, than on the sequel. I own both games and I would place both on my top two but only one must be victorious, and I choose, Ultimate Alliance.

Image 1. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman: Arkham Asylum is THE superhero game. This game is so well-developed, it can turn most skeptics, into believers. The reason why this game is so good, is because Rocksteady Studios, and Warner Bros Interactive, understood what Batman was all about. Batman doesn’t have any “superpowers”, he is a man, who is extremely well-trained in martial arts. Loaded with money in which, he has the income and the resources to have such gadgets. He is also the best detective Gotham has. All of these elements are very carefully detailed in Arkham Asylum. It is, the only game that I have ever played, that can make a player fell, like a total badass.

That concludes my Top 5 superhero games, but, if you’re wondering what other superhero games are out in the market right now, here is a list.

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