Today I was presented with a video that astounded me. An Australian company called Euclideon, has been working on new graphical technology so revolutionary, they claim it is 100,000 times more powerful than what we currently have. They also claim that this new graphics engine, can produce UNLIMITED DETAIL REAL-TIME RENDERING. Crazy Huh!?

Their ultimate goal, is to develop graphics with non other than…ATOMS!. Yes folks, the building block of our universe, is now being transferred onto a digital space.

It’s very crazy to think that this is even possible, but, the video shows at what current stage their work is at. Euclideon CEO Bruce Robert Dell explains how it all works in the tech demo video, in detail, on what they are trying to accomplish. I had to watch it a few times, to really grasp this whole idea. I can’t imagine, what type of computer they are working on to generate such detail, but, it is in development and it is real.


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