I don’t know about you, but I am dying to get my hands on Battlefield 3 this October 25, 2011. Here are some things that you should know.

According to DICE General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson,  the class system has been restructured. The biggest change that we will notice, is that the Assault, and the Medic Class, have been combined. This change has been made, after analyzing player habits and listening to community feedback in Bad Company 2. The Assault Class is typically the bullet fodder on the frontlines, and so it makes sence to endow these soldiers with healing abilities like medic packs and defibrillators. These soldiers will be armed with standard assault rifles like the M4.

With these 2 classes now combined, the return of a support class is kindly welcomed. This new class which I’m assuming will be called Support Class, will have the ability to replenish ammunition to teammates, and will be equip with LMGs in the field of battle. These LMG’s will feature bipods that can be deployed on the ground, short walls or cars for increased stability when firing. When firing at enemies, support players don’t need to actually hit the enemies with bullets, to affect their ability to fight. As bullets whiz over their heads, the opposing player will lose combat awareness thanks to a gradual screen blur that evokes the sensation of being caught under fire. I really like this new mechanic.

Engineers will still be carrying anti-vehicle weapons and repair tools, but their weapons now support underling attachments like a flashlight, to blind approaching enemies in low-light conditions.

The Recon Class gets a huge change on Battlefield 3, a new sniping mechanic that requires players to press a button to hold their breath, which increases the accuracy. Once the character exhales, the weapon will sway more for a short period of time. DICE added this feature to kill off the quick scoping exploit that plagued Bad Company.

One huge addition to Battlefield 3 is the ability to go prone. You might be thinking that snipers are going to be even harder to find, but, to even the playing field, DICE added lens flare to sniper scopes, which should make it easier to spot aggressors at a distance and discourage snipers from camping the same position the entire game.

And finally, DICE also overhauled the vehicle damage system. Damage to vehicles is going to be location-based, so if a rocket hits the back of the tank, only the soldier in the rear is killed. Vehicles also become incapacitated, so soldiers can use the turrets but can’t move the tank before and engineer repairs it.

There is no doubt, that Battlefield 3 going all out to bring us a quality multiplayer experience. Make sure you get your copy on October 25, 2011.

Here is a 12 min video of Battlefield 3 (Campaign Video)

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