I like Superhero games. When I was growing up, I became a huge Marvel fanatic. I used to have comic books, but my biggest obsession became the marvel cards (1991 to 1993). I think like a year ago, after the success of Batman: Arkham Asylum, there was an announcement that a Captain America game, was being developed for release, sometime in 2011.

Last Tuesday July, 19, Captain America: Super Soldier was released, and so I had to try it out. I must admit that I’m impressed.

When I got the game I wasn’t hyped up, or thinking that the game was going to be amazing. I didn’t know what to expect. I simply  had a clear head, thinking to myself, “Hey, there isn’t anything else for me to play right now, I like Captain America, what have I got to lose, right?!”. I don’t know if the game is based on the upcoming movie with Chris Evans, but, it follows the story path on early Captain America taking on Red Skull.

After playing the game for around 3 hours, I still like it. There isn’t anything specifically wrong with this game. The first thing you will notice, is that the combat system, is identical to Batman: Arkham Asylum. This is a really good thing, because, it works with Captain America. The only problem that I personally have, the engine running the game, isn’t the one from Arkham Asylum. If Rocksteady Studios would have developed this game instead of Sega, or if Sega could have used the engine Arkham Asylum had, this game would have been perfect.

Again, Captain America: Super Soldier is an identical clone to Batman: Arkham Asylum, in which is not bad at all, and it doesn’t take anything away from the quality of the game. There are also challenge modes available (just like in Arkham Asylum), to test out your combat skills against waves of enemies. Captain America: Super Soldier has been released at the right time, since I have no other game to grab my attention, I will go for platinum and enjoy it.

Here is gameplay video of the first 20 mins of Captain America: Super Soldier.

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