A few days ago, while I was browsing around on G4, I stumbled upon a recent E3 interview with Robert Bowling, about Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer. Now, on this interview, there were some statements that raised a red flag. We all know that Call of Duty is a huge success. Much, if not all of that success, comes from the original Modern Warfare. Activision has made it very clear, they do not, in any way, shape or form, want to mess with the structure that Call of Duty has. This is understandable, Call of Duty is what it is, it should be on a class of its own. So with this stated, COD is being dumbed down even more than it already is. A “casual” shooter, is becoming a “casual-friendly” shooter, with Modern Warfare 3.

Robert Bowling talks about how, with Modern Warfare 3, they want to make the game a more, “Gun on Gun” action multiplayer experience. Call of Duty is known to be a fast paced, ‘run and gun” shooter, but I don’t understand why they would want to make it, even more fast paced. There is talk on eliminating hotspots, in which would eliminate the possibility for players to “camp” a spot. These changes are being incorporated to accommodate the “Casual” player (Hey “Casual” player! QQ MORE!). There is also talk on how, air support will be less apparent.

There are reasons to be concerned here, if this dumbing down, an already dumbed down multiplayer game, becomes a success, companies will continue to follow Call of Duty, in order to make money. There are many games out on the market right now, that simply want to be a Call of Duty multiplayer clone, one of them is Socom 4. It’s frustrating to see a great game like Socom, lose all of its integrity, in hopes of attracting and becoming as successful as Call of Duty. Truth be told, this is pissing of gamers. The Socom franchise in everyone’s mind, stands for a pure tactical shooter. The biggest mode that Socom stood for, was Classic Mode (just one life). First and foremost, classic mode on Socom 4 is a joke. Classic should never support grenades and explosives, and yet Zipper, (FYI, Zipper was the development company that made Socom 2, and it became the standard in tactical shooters on the PS2) has ruined Socom 4’s integrity.

Hell, Socom Confrontation kept its integrity, even though for many gamers the game felt broken, compared to Socom 2, but, if you play it now against Socom 4, Confrontation still stands for what Socom is. I remember hearing people complain and bitch about how Socom Confrontation wasn’t a true Socom, back when it was first released, but looking back at Confrontation, Slant Six nailed it. If there would have been more online support on Confrontation, I think I would still be playing it.

Companies need to stop accommodating “causal” players. If people can’t play a game and get good at it, well then too bad. This whole idea of attracting that “casual” player for a few more dollars is plain stupid. Games like Call of Duty or Socom, should not be in any way casual, if players want a causal game, then stick with angry birds or something. If you want to develop causal games, don’t charge people $60.00 dollars for mediocrity. Stick with what made you famous in the first place, if you want to try something different, change it to a new IP, so then you can have the excuse that you are trying something new.

Stop screwing over your fans.

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