Batman: Arkham City is coming this October 18, 2011, it is the most anticipated game, that I am most exited to play this year. I am a huge Batman fanatic, finding out such good news at this years E3 about Arkham City, really got my blood pumping. Batman: Arkham City is the direct sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum. If you haven’t played Arkham Asylum, do yourself a favor, and go get it, it is the best Batman game ever created.

We are back in Gotham, and things aren’t any better. Batman did his work back at the Asylum, taking down the Joker, but, that was just a small problem, compared to what is really about to unfold. Arkham City is gonna be huge, the scale of the game, is completely different from the small island that Arkham Asylum was. The detail that is being implemented into Arkham City is astonishing. The city is alive, and that is gonna make Arkham City’s gameplay, even more intense.

We are facing so many villains in Arkham City, so far I know we will encounter, The Penguin, Two Face, Riddler, Hugo Strange, The Joker and Harley Quinn. The chaos that Batman has to face on Gotham streets, in nothing like we faced in the Asylum. Mobs are going to armed and extremely dangerous. With such threats wondering loose in Gotham’s streets and Rooftops, Batman’s moves have been modified to be even deadlier than before.

Catwoman is being introduced in Arkham City, as a playable character throughout the main plot, which is a nice change of pace from being the good guy. Its said that both Batman and Catwoman, will have their own unique mechanics, from their fighting styles, to how they interact with-in the city.

The detective mode is gonna take on a huge role on how the story develops, we usually think of Batman as just a fighting machine. If Arkham Asylum teached us anything about Batman, is that he is an incredible detective. Seeing as how they are ramping up that mode to 11 on Arkham City, it just keeps getting better and better.

Batman: Arkham City – Dax Ginn E3 Interview (Video)

Batman: Arkham City – Catwoman E3 Gameplay Demo (Video)


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