Naughty Dog has announced the Uncharted 3 Beta will start on June 28th for all PS Plus members and for all beta voucher code holders (voucher code’s come with every new copy of inFamous 2). There is no word as of today on what we should expect with the Uncharted 3 Beta, but if it’s anything like the Uncharted 2 Beta, we should get to test out 2 co-op missions with Drake and Sully, and 3 multiplayer maps.

The multiplayer is really intriguing this time around, a lot has been worked on since Uncharted 2. New perks have been added, game modes have been modified for a more team based approach, and character customizations are going to be introduced this time around.

Here is IGN’s Greg Miller interviewing Robert Cogburn (Game Designer,Naughty Dog) about whats new with the Uncharted 3 Multiplayer .


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