What ever happened to all the classic RPG’s? Back when I was growing up I remember those where the titles that you just had to have. Games like Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, Suikoden and Final Fantasy were the games that you just couldn’t miss out on. My favorite all-time RPG that I must have played for around 2 years straight when it first got released and I still occasionally play to this day is Final Fantasy III (Final Fantasy VI here in America). I over played that game so much, I know the game inside and out. Characters like Kefka, Terra, Celes, Sabin, Shadow, Locke where characters that you established a connection with. The turn based gameplay was fun and exiting, full of rich content which fueled the story behind Final Fantasy VI, which for myself and a lot of you I know would agree; Final Fantasy VI is an all-time true masterpiece and will always be, the most impressive Final Fantasy ever.

Mog (Final Fantasy VI)

When I think of a role-playing game, I think about the classic RPG games.  I don’t need a fancy looking game for it to pull me in. If anything, technology has destroyed the classic RPG formula which made them what they were. There is an upside though, technology has helped us evolve the RPG’s genre, because of these advancements, we have been able to develop high quality western RPG’s like Mass Effect, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls Series. I would just like to see at some point a developer take an old school approach to an RPG and bring it to 2011. A modern touch, but keep all of what made RPG’s great. There is a need to improve graphics and I can definitely understand that, but it doesn’t have to be in 3rd person or 1st person. Keep the turn based gameplay, take time to develop a story that can stand on its own. If anything going back to a classical format, they could cram so much content in the game that it could easily be a 200+ hour game. I guess people don’t like to read anymore. I’m not saying to bring back any of those classic IP’s, in fact I don’t want them to, because unfortunately, developers like Square Enix have lost their touch.

Final Fantasy VI - Box Art

Final Fantasy VI - Box Art

Just imagine the possibilities… a modern old school RPG made for a next-gen platform, the results would be outstanding. Quite frankly I would really like to see a change, 4 out of 5 games that come out for either the PS3 or the xbox 360 are 3rd person or 1st person. There just isn’t any variety in styles anymore. I don’t have a problem what so ever with the games that are being developed for the PS3 or the 360, all those games being developed now a day are in fact groundbreaking, but there is lack of RPG’s, and that is a fact. Anytime I fell the need to play an RPG, I have to go back to my SNES and replay all these titles that I have played countless times.

I’d like to think that at some point there will be a change. Maybe someday they can introduce to us an RPG that goes back to the classic format we all grew up with, and trust me when it does come, ill be the first in line.


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