Next Generation consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360) have really revolutionized the gaming industry, they keep on pushing innovation in gaming to new heights. Game developers now a days aren’t looked as just game developers, it has become an industry that with each upcoming IP, publishing and developing game companies invest millions of dollars into their productions, just like a Hollywood movie would.  With this approach, games have gotten the chance to really stand out from one another. IP’s like Uncharted, Mass Effect and Assassin’s Creed wouldn’t be possible on older gaming consoles.

Back when it all started, games didn’t and couldn’t rely on their consoles. A game to really captivate you, it had to stand out from the competition. Most games back in 1994 looked and felt the same throughout the SNES and Genesis. Back in that era, when games came out, there were usually 2 versions of the game, one for each console. An example I can think of, is the Beavis and Butt-Head game. When you played the SNES version, it was “cleaner” PG13 version, while the Genesis version had more of an M rating. When you played both games side by side, they weren’t the same at all. The levels where all different, the plot, the gameplay, the content, everything. Same goes for Mortal Kombat when it first hit the home consoles. There wasn’t any change in the plot, but there sure were changes in the gameplay. I remember the Genesis version had all the blood and guts, while on the SNES we got the censored version. Despite the SNES version not having all the gore it was the better of the two.

Now a days we don’t have to worry about that. Multi-platform games are identical on both the PS3 and the 360. What I can say that separate the two, are the games DLC content, and the exclusive IP’s. That’s what truly for me sets appart both systems. At least back in the day, both consoles got a version of the game, owning 2 gaming systems in this day and age is not cheap.

If we were to go back to 1994, these would be some of the games that you needed to have.

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