I remember Duke Nukem, not from it’s days on console, but when it first hit the PC. Those where the days when gaming was still a new experience to a lot of people and there was a plethora of different games. If you had a good PC to play games like Doom, Wolfenstein or Duke Nukem, you where ahead of everyone in your neighborhood.. Back then, PC games where the cutting edge, bringing content that would not only new and fresh but it was the platform where developers took large risks and gave us games that certainly had a shock value.

A decade has passed since we last heard from the Duke. He was probably doing every chick on earth and drinking all the booze he could get his hands on, but now…he is back. This is a shooter that will take you back to a time where games didn’t need to be serious. The game is what it is. There isn’t absolutely anything ground breaking about this game. The best part about it is that it is flat-out ridiculous. It is a trip back in time. It’s like it’s 1996 all over again but instead of playing a pix-elated game, we get to play a good looking game but with everything that was from that era. Enjoy the nostalgia trip.

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  1. Thanks for the link, hope you liked the review, it seems there aren’t many of us that actually liked it.

    • I know, but it is what it is. Having too many serious games in the market now a days makes games like this a hard buy. There isn’t anything new being offered in Duke and since we all expect something to be offered every time a game gets a makeover, we don’t give them a chance.

      I think it’s fun, but that’s because I’m old school and played the old ones and I get. I get why this game is the way it is and even though it’s not for everyone (which is a good thing), all who have played and liked the Duke Nukem series, can find some humor in this one.

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