EA has made me so happy at this years E3 2011. EA’s Press Conference started with Mass Effect 3 and my jaw just dropped. We saw some actual in game gameplay and Mass Effect 3 looks noting less than spectacular. Mass Effect 3’s release date is set at 3/6/2012. EA also showed us Need For Speed: The Run, which looks pretty fun even though I’m not a Need for Speed fan.SSX was shown and it looks like lots of fun.

A cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic was shown and if whichthe gameplay can stand up to the cinematics then prepare for a great MMO.

FIFA and Madden where also showcased.

For all Sims fans, Facebook will introduce the new Sims Social. So say goodbye to Farmville and hello to the Sims.

Insomniac games showcased a really cool New IP called OverStrike which looks fun and funny in the way Insomniac does games. Looking forward to this IP.

Now the most amazing showcase at the EA was Battlefield 3. There is nothing short of spectacular when showing us new exclusive gameplay. I got goosebumps throughout the whole montage. Here are 2 new video’s showcasing the new Battlefield 3.

Battlefield 3 – Operation Metro Gameplay

Battlefield 3 – E3 Frostbite 2 Features Trailer


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