Sony launched their “Welcome Back” program in which it offers us 2 free games from the 5 different games which you can choose from. We can select from either, inFamous, Little Big Planet, Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation or Wipeout HD. I already own inFamous , LBP and Super Stardust HD, so I decided to pick up Dead Nation and Wipeout HD and I must admit I’m impressed. I’ve been wanting to try out Dead Nation and Wipeout for awhile now, to be honest I didn’t know if it was going to be worth it’s $15.00 dollar price tag, but I can see now why.

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  1. Shinra says:

    OK so im done to my last choice and it is either stardust or dead nation…since you got both, which would you get???

    • Stardust is great but I’m a zombie lover. Dead Nation has a superb replay value. The solo campaign is challenging and it’s got an online mode which if you have a friend with Dead Nation it increases the fun factor x10. I recommend going with Dead Nation.

      What other game did you get?

  2. A member from my forum posted this as well, you guys must be popular

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