Nirvana is the one band that got me through most of my teenage life and made a direct impact. I can hail them as the best band the world has seen. They are to me 3 guys that had fun and knew what they where doing. The loss of Kurt struck everyone that knew him both personally and musically for reasons that are just too personal for all of us. I believe that Nirvana was still in an infant state and yet in such state it created such an impact. We can only imagine a truly evolved sound that they where on the verge of perfecting.

There is one performace that stands out to me, back in ’93 they performed MTV’s Live & Loud. It’s a haunting show where the sound and the vibe was simply perfect.

Here is Nirvana…

Part 1: Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, Drain You

Part 2: Breed, Serve The Servants, Rape Me

Part 3: Heart-Shaped Box, Pennyroyal Tea

Part 4: Scentless Apprentice, Lithium

Part 5: Endless Nameless

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  1. NirvanaFan1987 says:


  2. DaNnYGrUnGe says:

    I haven’t seen this since way back. Great post!!!!

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