For 2 weeks, all of us that need to use PSN to do our online gaming, we haven’t been able to play a single online game, simply because, some idiots need to prove what? That they can steal? I don’t get it!!… To steal our credit cards and information to then sell them to who? Morons? These hackers are simply scum.

Most of us, if not all of us gamers, feel angry that we have to be in-between a cross fire that I simply don’t want to be part of. Why!? Why must I hear more news indicating that there might be another attack to Sony this weekend! What is the point these morons want to prove!? I mean come on! This is getting way out of hand and quite honestly I really hope these hackers get sloppy so they catch their arrogant asses and lock them up.

These attacks aren’t funny nor they are cool, they are not being looked like they are awesome. These hackers are simply pissing people off and Im defenetly one of them.

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